easton pin nocks


easton pin nocks

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easton pin nocks

The Easton pin Nock, in both small and large groove models, features a smooth outer design and the same proven precision groove design that was used to win numerous World and Olympic titles including the Men’s individual gold in London 2012. The short, high-clearance groove exit enhances finger shooting accuracy, while the small vertical dimension and smooth surface enhances comfort at full draw. The nock redesign has increased strength to better cope with high-impulse compound bow launch. 2015 PIN nocks are single-cavity packaged for ultimate precision.

The Easton G-Pin features a high-precision, new single-snap, large groove design for ultimate accuracy from both compound and recurve bows. This ultra-strong and precise single-cavity packaged nock has a sleek design and adds more protection against rear impacts in tight group shooting. Specifically redesigned to handle higher impulse compound cam designs, the design features a single snap preferred by precision target shooters.

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Weight 50 g
easton pin nocks

g pin large grove compound, large grove recurve, small grove recurve


Blue, Crystal, Green, Orange, Pink, Red


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