Archery Coaching

We offer various forms of coaching including group coaching and one to one coaching.

Whether you are a total beginner or experienced archer one to one coaching can be a great way to move forward.

For the total beginner, we can deliver a dedicated lesson to teach you the basic understanding of archery. We will take you through the basics of archery and all the safety elements and add a few extra bits on the way. This is a very good session to lead onto the beginner’s course. with or without your own bow.

For the experienced archer, we can look at your shooting technique and form. Give you advice and recommendations to improve your own shooting style. Help with the technical side of the shot with video analysis. We can also offer general advice on personal equipment. your own bow is needed for this session

The cost of a 1 to 1 session is: £25.00 per hour

Help and advice with bow tuning and set up.

Recurve Bows

  • Basic set up of bow.
  • Check tiller and alignment.
  • Align Arrow.
  • Button Position & Set.
  • Advice on Arrow Choice.
  • Bare Shaft or Walk Back Test.

Compound Bow

  • Set up arrow rest.
  • Set nock point.
  • Tie in D Loop.
  • fit peep sight.
  • Fit and align Sight.
  • Adjust Weight to Archer’s preference.
  • Advise on Arrow choice.

Traditional bows (including longbow)

  • Basic set up of bow
  • Set nock point.
  • Bracing height.
  • Advice on Arrow Choice.

Our coaching sessions are held on our outdoor ranges.

1 to 1 coaching

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